Valencia Pride

Valencia Pride Mango

Valencia Pride mango is a Haden seedling selected and named in Florida in 1941. These mangoes have an unrivaled sweet, aromatic and floral flavor. It has a longer, narrower shape than most mangoes and does not have a green hue. The flesh is sweet, aromatic, firm, and fiberless. The tree is a vigorous large grower making it an excellent shade tree. It is perhaps the best flavored late season mango.

Plant Details  
Growth Type Round, open canopy
Growth Rate Fast
Tree Size 25 ft. tall and wide or larger
Tree Size Yellow with a vivid crimson to dark red blush
Fruit Season July – August
Flavor Very sweet, aromatic, floral
Fruit Weight 16 – 32 ounces
Water Needs Regular
Light Needs Full sun
Soil Requirements Well drained
USDA Zone 9b – 11