Mallika Mango

Mallika mango is a vigorous, highly productive disease resistant mango from India. It is considered among the best dessert quality India type mango. The oblong flattened shaped fruits have a canary-yellow to pink skin color. The fiberless deep orange flesh is intensely sweet and highly aromatic with hints of citrus and melon. A great juicing and dehydrating mango.

The fruit must be picked mature green and be packed in a cardboard box and kept at room temperature for them to ripen. Ripening typically takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Plant Details  
Growth Type Round canopy
Growth Rate Moderate to Fast
Tree Size 10 – 15  ft. tall and wide
Fruit Color Canary yellow with a pink blush
Fruit Season June – July
Flavor Very sweet, aromatic with hints of citrus and melon
Fruit Weight 10 – 18 ounces
Water Needs Regular
Light Needs Full Sun
Soil Requirements Well Drained
USDA Zone 9 – 11