Southland Sod Guarantee


Southland Sod Guarantee

Southland Sod Farms will provide replacement sod at no charge as needed to replace any dead areas of a Marathon® Lawn within one year of installation.

The following conditions will apply:

  1. Lawn owner must demonstrate that he has made a reasonable effort to care for the lawn properly in terms of installation, watering, fertilizing, and mowing.  Fertilizing with Marathon® fertilizers is recommended.
  2. Lawn owner must notify Southland Sod within 10 days of the first appearance of dead lawn areas.
  3. Lawns without a permanent underground irrigation system will not qualify for replacement.  An automatic controller is also recommended.
  4. Lawns laid in shaded areas limiting sunlight to less than 50% of sunlight will not qualify for replacement.
  5. Lawn areas burned by pet urine, or by improper application of fertilizers or chemicals will not qualify for replacement.
  6. Lawn areas that have been previously replaced under this guarantee will not qualify for additional replacement.

This guarantee is limited to supplying replacement sod only.  No labor charges, pesticide treatments, delivery, or other costs are covered.

How to make a claim:

As soon as brown areas begin to appear, call your original retailer for advice.  If he is unable to help you, call our customer service representative at 805.488.3585.  We will go through a series of diagnostic questions by phone (we cannot make service calls) to identify the cause of sod failure and offer a recommendation(s) for correcting the problem.  This may include changing your irrigation schedule, applying a fungicide, adding a sprinkler, etc. You will be required to implement the recommendation(s) and allow at least two weeks to verify its (their) success before replacement sod will be arranged.

Once you have corrected the problem, call our customer service representative to schedule the delivery of your replacement sod.  We will arrange a date to add your replacement sod, at no charge to you, to a regular delivery going to your retailer.

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