Gold Nugget Mango


Gold Nugget Mango

Mangifera indica x Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget mango is another excellent mango cultivar from south Florida. This variety is renowned for its flavor and heavy production characteristics. Mature fruits turn yellow-orange with a slight pink blush. The flesh is yellow with a fine mild, sweet flavor. Gold Nugget is extremely prolific and it fruits later in the year making it one of the most sought after late season mango varieties. It also has excellent harvesting and handling characteristics. The tree itself is a large vigorous grower with an open canopy. The fruit ripens late July to August.

Gold Nugget Mangoes Details:

  • Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Tree Size: 20 feet tall and wide or more
  • Fruit Weight: 6 to 14ounces
  • Bearing Age: 3 years
  • Self-fruiting: Yes
  • Fruiting Season: July-August
  • Light Needs: Full to Part Sun
  • USDA Zone: 9-11
  • Hardiness: Hardy to 30F.