Cogshall Mango

Cogshall Mango originated in Southwest Florida and is an ultra compact growing mango tree making it suitable for container growing on a balcony or patio. It produces sweet fiberless fruit. The lemon yellow flesh is soft and juicy with a rich sweet flavor. Its flavor is highly regarded by enthusiasts. It can easily be maintained at just eight feet tall, and it will still produce a good size crop year after year.

Plant Details  
Growth Type Round canopy, compact
Growth Rate Moderate to Fast
Tree Size 10 – 20 ft. tall and wide
Fruit Color Yellow with significant crimson blush
Fruit Season June – July
Flavor Very sweet and juicy
Fruit Weight 12 – 14 ounces
Water Needs Regular
Light Needs Full Sun
Soil Requirements Well Drained
USDA Zone 9b – 11