Kona Sharwil Avocado

Persea americana x ‘Kona Sharwil’

Kona Sharwil avocado was introduced in Australia and is now a major commercial variety in Hawaii. Trees are medium growing and yield nearly year round. Fruits are of high market quality due to its exceptional flavor, high oil content and small seed. The skin is green when ripe, is bumpy and of medium thickness, and peels easily. Currently marketed as a gourmet avocado due to its many desirable characteristics.  This is sure to be a top selling avocado at our nursery. 

Kona Sharwil Details  
Parentage Mexican-Guatemalan Hybrid
Flower Type Type-B
Fruit Shape Narrow Obovate
Skin Color When Ripe Green
Skin Thickness Medium
Fruit Season March-November
Fruit Weight 8-16 oz.
Seed Size Small
Oil Content Up to 28% 
Tree Size Small to Medium
Hardiness Average to 28°F
 Flavor  Excellent