hass avocado image

Hass Avocado

Persea americana x ‘Hass’

The Hass avocado is the #1 commercial variety grown in the world. It is characterized by its pebbly green skin that ripens to black. The fruits are easy to peel and is high in oil content with an excellent nutty rich flavor. Hass has the longest fruiting season of any avocado we offer. This is an A-Type avocado and will produce on its own. A B-Type avocado may be planted adjacent to it in order to produce a more consistent crop. Use varieties such as Bacon, Fuerte or Zutano.

Hass Details  
Parentage Mostly Guatemalan
Flower Type Type-A
Fruit Shape Obovate
Skin Color When Ripe Black
Skin Thickness Medium to thick
Fruit Season February-October
Fruit Weight 6-14 oz.
Seed Size Medium to large
Oil Content 20%
Tree Size Large
Hardiness Average to 28°F
 Flavor  Excellent