gwen avocado image

Gwen Avocado

Persea americana x ‘Gwen’

Gwen avocado is an excellent backyard variety due to its heavy production, excellent taste and smaller tree size. Fruits are similar to Hass but are slightly larger and have a rich buttery nutty flavor. The fruits skin is pebbly, easy to peel and stays green all the way to maturity. Our nursery is excited offer this variety once again to our customers.

Gwen Details  
Parentage Hybrid
Flower Type Type-A
Fruit Shape Obovate
Skin Color When Ripe Green
Skin Thickness Medium
Fruit Season April-September
Fruit Weight 10 oz.
Seed Size Small
Oil Content 20%
Tree Size Small-Medium
Hardiness Average to 30°F
 Flavor Excellent