longan fruit image

Longan Trees

Dimocarpus longan

Longan trees produce quarter sized fruits that have a brown leathery shell containing flesh that resembles a peeled grape. Within the flesh there is a single seed. Flavor profile is sweet with a pleasant aroma and nutty aftertones. Fruits are high in vitamin C, Potassium and RIboflavin. The trees are relatively cold hardy. Named varieties include Biew Kiew, Kohala and Sri Chompoo.

Plant Details  
Evergreen/Deciduous Evergreen
Tree Size/Habit Shrubby growth to 20 – 25 feet tall and wide
Fruit Shape/Size Round to 1 inch
Fruit Flavor Sweet, mild, nutty
Skin Color When Ripe Brown
Fruit Use Fresh eating, canned, dried
Fruit Season Summer
Light Needs  Full to part sun
Water Needs Regular water
USDA Zone 9 – 11