Windermere English Rose

Windermere English Rose begins its bloom cycle with perfectly rounded buds that open to full, cupped flowers. These flowers are are rich creamy yellow at first, then fade to an almost pure white in the sun. They have a delicious fruity fragrance that has a definite hint of citrus. Suitable as mixed border plantings, as a rose border or as a container specimen. Thrives in full to partial sun.
Windermere Details  
Growth Type Shrub Rose
Color  White and Cream
Fragrance Strength Medium Strong, Fruity Fragrance
Flowering Habit Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Good
Plant Size 4 Ft. Tall, 3 Ft. Wide
Petal Count 80
USDA Zone 5 – 11
Water Needs Regular Water
Light Needs Full Sun to Part Sun