Emily Bronte English Rose

Emily Bronte English Rose is an exceptionally beautiful rose with distinctive neat, flat blooms. Blooms are a lovely soft pink, the smaller central petals deepening to rich apricot and surrounding deep-set stamens. The fragrance can be characterized as strong tea to old rose, with delicious hints of lemon and grapefruit. The plant forms forms a bushy shrub with strong, healthy, upright growth. Useful has a hedge, rose or mixed border and as a container specimen. Can tolerate some shade.
Emily Bronte Details  
Growth Type Shrub Rose
Color  Soft Pink Apricot Fading To Cream
Fragrance Strength Strong, Tea and Old Rose Fragrance
Flowering Habit Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Good
Plant Size 4 Ft. Tall, 3.5 Ft. Wide
Petal Count 106
USDA Zone 5 – 11
Water Needs Regular Water
Light Needs Full Sun to Part Sun