Scentimental Floribunda Rose

Scentimental floribunda rose

Scentimental Floribunda

Scentimental floribunda rose is unique in that it produces various color patterns on the same plant. Flowers can be burgundy and white striped or cream swirled with white. The old-fashioned form & fragrance may remind you of its stingy blooming ancestors. A continuous blossoms. Distinctive clean quilted foliage. Best color & size in moderate temps. Perfect for potpourri.

Plant Details  
Growth Type Floribunda Rose
Color  Lavender purple
Fragrance Strength Very Srtong Citrus Blossom
Flowering Habit Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Average
Plant Size 3-4 ft. tall & wide
Petal Count 25-30
USDA Zone 5-10
Water Needs Regular Water
Light Needs Full Sun