Koko Loko Floribunda Rose

Koko Loko floribunda rose

Koko Loko

Koko Loko floribunda rose boasts milky chocolate-colored buds that mature and open to reveal beautiful soft lavender blossoms. Early to bloom, every lovely bud spirals open with impeccable show form. The flowers last long on the plant and in the vase. Warm weather brings out the more of the lavender color. A handsome rose bush with a neat compact habit and lush dark green foliage.

Plant Details  
Growth Type Floribunda Rose
Color  Milk Chocolate Maturing to Lavender
Fragrance Strength N/A
Flowering Habit Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Average
Plant Size 3 ft. tall & wide
Petal Count 30-35
USDA Zone 6-9
Water Needs Regular Water
Light Needs Full Sun