Pettingill Apple

Malus domestica x Pettingill

Very low winter chilling requirement. Chance seedling discovered near Long Beach, CA., introduced in 1949. Large fruit with red over green skin, ripening late September to mid-October in coastal Southern CA. climates. Crisp and juicy, with a balance of sugar and acid. Good keeper. Large, vigorous, productive tree.

Pettingill Details  
Flavor Crisp, Juicy, Balanced Sugar and Acid
Chill Hours 300 below 45° F
Skin Color When Ripe Red Blush over Green
Fruit Use Fresh or Cooked
Self-Fruitful Yes, more productive with Golden Dorsett, Ein Shemer
Flower Season Spring
Fruit Season September – October
Light Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Regular Water
USDA Zone 6 – 10