Honeycrisp Apple image

Honeycrisp Apple

Malus domestica x Honeycrisp

Honeycrisp apple is a winter hardy red and yellow striped apple that has gained popularity for its delicious flavor and crispness. It is an excellent keeper when stored in a cool dry location. This apple was developed by the University of Minnesota.

Honeycrisp Details  
Flavor Crisp, Sweet-Tart Balanced
Chill Hours 800 below 45° F
Skin Color When Ripe Red and Yellow Striped
Fruit Use Best Eaten Fresh
Self-Fruitful Pollenized by Gala, Granny Smith, Empire, McIntosh Red Delicious
Flower Season Spring
Fruit Season August
Light Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Regular Water
USDA Zone 3 – 10