Chicago Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

Chicago Peace hybrid tea rose is a sport of the world famous Peace rose. It offers large, copper-pink blooms that shimmer with a canary-yellow at the base of the petals. Glossy apple-green leaves are disease resistant. This rose loves hot weather and does well in zones where the winter temperatures are frigid. First discovered in the Windy City and overall boasts brighter and deeper-toned blooms than Peace.

Plant Details  
Growth Type Hybrid Tea Rose
Color  Copper Pink w/ Canary Yellow Base
Fragrance Strength Slight
Flowering Habit Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Average
Plant Size 4 – 6 Ft. Tall,  3 – 4 Ft. Wide
Petal Count 40 – 45
USDA Zone 5 – 9
Water Needs Regular Water
Light Needs Full Sun