Mexican Lime

Citrus × aurantiifolia

Mexican Lime, also know as Key Lime or Bartender’s Lime is a small lime variety that has thin skinned, juicy, highly aromatic fruit. The tree is compact in form and grows smaller than Bearss. Not as cold hardy as Bearss and should be protected from frosts. This variety is available in both standard and semi-dwarf.

Detailed Info  
Light Needs Full Sun
Tree Size 5-7 ft. semi-dwarf, 12 ft. standard tree
Skin Color When Ripe Greenish-yellow
Flesh Color Greenish-yellow
Flavor Acidic, juicy
Seedless No
Fruit Use Juice, cooking
Self-Fruitful Yes
Fruit Season Nearly year-round
Water Needs Regular water
USDA Zone 10-11