oroblanco grapefruit image

Oroblanco Grapefruit

Citrus grandis x paradisi ‘Oroblanco’

Oroblanco grapefruit is a pummelo/white grapefruit hybrid characterized by its extremely large, delicious white- fleshed fruit that hangs well on the tree. It is a large, vigorous grower with a somewhat spreading habit. Fruits are seedless and have very thick rinds. This variety is available in semi-dwarf and standard sizes.

Detailed Info  
Light Needs Full Sun
Tree Size 8 ft. semi-dwarf, 15 ft. standard tree
Skin Color When Ripe Greenish yellow
Flesh Color Pale yellow
Flavor Sweet
Seedless Yes
Fruit Use Fresh eating, juice
Self-Fruitful Yes
Fruit Season December to May
Water Needs Regular water
USDA Zone 9-11