O'Neal Blueberry

O’Neal Blueberry

Vaccinium corymbosum ‘O’Neal’

O’Neal blueberry is a popular southern highbush (low chill, tolerates heat) blueberry variety. Berries are large, especially sweet and flavorful.  As will with all blueberries soil must be acidic, high in humus for optimal performance. Bushes reach 5 – 6 feet. Requires little chill to produce. Self-fruitful, but plant two or more varieties for larger crops.

O’Neal Details  
Flavor Very Sweet
Chill Hours 200
Skin Color When Ripe Dark Blue
Fruit Use Fresh Eating
Self-Fruitful Yes, but bigger yields when cross pollinated
Flower Season Early Spring
Fruit Season May
Light Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Regular Water
USDA Zone 5 – 9